The Central States Bottled Water Association was formed to provide education and support to our members regarding the production, distribution, technical, political, and public and consumer relations issues in the bottled water industry in our respective states.

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2023 Annual Convention and Tabletop Trade Show

Hollywood Hotel and Casino

St. Louis, MO

March 8-10, 2023

Click here to download Convention Brochure

2023 Fall Educational Conference

Milwaukee, WI

Dates and Venue to be announced

CSBWA Members are IBWA Leaders!

CSBWA would like to recognize our First Vice President, Nicole Allison of Magnetic Springs in Columbus, Ohio. Nicole, a member of the US Air Force, is currently deployed with her unit to service in Kuwait. Nicole, we thank you for your service!

Here’s a list of CSBWA Members who are making in impact with IBWA:

  • Lynn Wachtmann, Maumee Valley Bottlers:  Chairman; Board of Directors; Co-Chair, Government Relations Committee, Communications Committee
  • Bill Young, Absopure:  Board of Directors, Communications Committee
  • Joe Bell, Bell Sales; Board of Directors, Membership Committee, Supplier and Convention Committee
  • Dan Kelly, Polymer Systems Inc.:  Board of Directors; Co-Chair, Supplier and Convention Committee
  • Doug Hidding, Blackhawk Molding; Board of Directors, Technical Committee
  • Kari Mondt, Allied Purchasing:  Board of Directors, Communications Committee, Supplier and Convention Committee
  • Greg Nemec, Premium Waters:  Board of Directors
  • Lou Vittorio, Earthres:  Board of Directors, Education Committee, Environmental Sustainability Committee, Technical Committee
  • Glen Dqvis, Absopure; Education Committee Co-chair; Technical Committee
  • Steve Tischler, NTL Labs, Communications Committee, Technical Committee
  • Steve Kurth, Polymer Systems Inc.; Communications Committee, Environmental Sustainability Committee
  • Bob Gelbach, NTL Labs; Education Committee, Supplier and Convention Committee
  • Mark Lindblom, Premium Waters:  Education Committee, Environmental Sustainability Committee, Membership Committee
  • Bob Reifers, Maumee Valley Bottlers:  Membership Committee, Technical Committee
  • Rej Tellier, Oasis:  Communications Committee
  • David Redick, Steelhead:  Supplier and Convention Committee, Technical Committee, Membership Committee
  • Richard Cook, Culligan International:  Government Relations Committee, Technical Committee
  • Gene Ross, Goodpac:  Membership Committee, Supplier and Convention Committee
  • Doug Hupe, Bell Sales:  Education Committee Co-chair, Government Relations Committee

Officers and Directors

CSBWA Officers and Directors

President: Nicole Allison, Magnetic Springs, Columbus, OH

First Vice President: Jacob Doerner; Fizz-O Bottling Company; Tulsa, OK

Second Vice President: Rob Schmitt, Rocky Mountain Spring Water; Littleton, CO

Secretary-Treasurer:  Sam Broh; LCPF Management Group, LLC, St. Louis, MO

Director-Term Expires 2023
Mark Lindblom, Premium Waters, Chippewa Falls, WI
Steve Kurth; Polymer Solutions, Inc.; Milwaukee, WI
David Redick, Steelhead, San Antonio, TX

Director-Term Expires 2024
Glen Davis; Absopure; Plymouth, MI
Bill Baker, Hall’s Culligan, Wichita, KS
Bob Riefers; Maumee Valley Bottlers; Napoleon, OH
Steve Tischler; NTL Laboratories; Cleveland, OH

Committee Chairs

Government Relations:  Steve Tischler; NTL Labs; Cleveland, OH

Education:  Steve Tischler, NTL Labs; Cleveland, OH

Convention:  Susan Edwards; SVF Waters, LLC; Occonee, IL

Membership:  Bob Riefers; Maumee Valley Bottlers; Napoleon, OH

Communications & Publications:  Vacant

Technical:  Glen Davis; Absopure; Plymouth, MI

Supplier:  Steve Kurth, Polymer Solutions International, Milwaukee, WI

Past Presidents

Susan Edwards, SVF Waters, LLC

Mike Schaefer, Culligan of Perryville

John Mullette, Culligan of Columbia

Jon Ove, Century Springs