Officers and Directors

CSBWA Officers and Directors

President: Nicole Allison, Magnetic Springs, Columbus, OH

First Vice President: Jacob Doerner; Fizz-O Bottling Company; Tulsa, OK

Second Vice President: Rob Schmitt, Rocky Mountain Spring Water; Littleton, CO

Secretary-Treasurer:  Sam Broh; LCPF Management Group, LLC, St. Louis, MO

Director-Term Expires 2023
Mark Lindblom, Premium Waters, Chippewa Falls, WI
Steve Kurth; Polymer Solutions, Inc.; Milwaukee, WI
David Redick, Steelhead, San Antonio, TX

Director-Term Expires 2024
Glen Davis; Absopure; Plymouth, MI
Bill Baker, Hall’s Culligan, Wichita, KS
Bob Riefers; Maumee Valley Bottlers; Napoleon, OH
Steve Tischler; NTL Laboratories; Cleveland, OH

Committee Chairs

Government Relations:  Steve Tischler; NTL Labs; Cleveland, OH

Education:  Steve Tischler, NTL Labs; Cleveland, OH

Convention:  Susan Edwards; SVF Waters, LLC; Occonee, IL

Membership:  Bob Riefers; Maumee Valley Bottlers; Napoleon, OH

Communications & Publications:  Vacant

Technical:  Glen Davis; Absopure; Plymouth, MI

Supplier:  Steve Kurth, Polymer Solutions International, Milwaukee, WI

Past Presidents

Susan Edwards, SVF Waters, LLC

Mike Schaefer, Culligan of Perryville

John Mullette, Culligan of Columbia

Jon Ove, Century Springs